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Microscopes and Machines is the first conference to bring together leaders in hemp and cannabis science and research with experts building the next generation of cannabis manufacturing. Together we can realize the true healing power of the plant, make those products widely and safely accessible, and fulfill the promise of the new cannabis industry.
Featuring over 15 speakers covering two tracks, Microscopes and Machines will bring together an unprecedented line-up of hemp and cannabis science, manufacturing, and technology experts for a day of education, networking, and insights you can apply immediately to your cannabis business. Plus, did we mention the organic meals, gift bags and must-attend afterparty?


Medical providers are the reason the cannabis industry exists at all, and who remain devoted to improving the lives of patients. We’re proud to have assembled some of the brightest minds and voices in science, research, and treatment for a day of conversation we hope will help light the way for the future of medical cannabis.


Those in the industry know that the future of cannabis depends primarily on one factor-  the supply chain. Stabilizing that supply chain depends on leaps forward in technology & manufacturing, and we’ve brought together experts at the frontlines of those advancements to showcase their latest strategies and innovations.


15 speakers over two tracks highlighting medical research and manufacturing technology. The day concludes with a joint panel from both fields.

'Vibratorium' After Party

Featuring live entertainment, CBD mocktails, special treats, and giveaways to close out the event in style.


Take advantage of our unprecedented array of experts to make connections and ask questions normally reserved for paid consultations.

Giving Spirit

10% of all proceeds will be donated to The Giving Spirit, which provides immediate aid & human connection to homeless people and families in L.A.

Organic Meals

Breakfast snacks available at the start of the conference. Lunch and dinner served. All food provided by organic caterers.


Get insight on some of the latest innovations in cannabis manufacturing & technology, discussed by the engineers behind the tech.


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