Testing Round Table

Addison DeMoura

Addison DeMoura co-founded Steep Hill Laboratories in 2008 and for seven years served as its Chief Business Development Officer until leaving the company in 2015. During his time at Steep Hill, Mr. DeMoura focused on overseeing the marketing, sales and branding for the company.

As a brand ambassador and face of the company, Addison cultivated many key relationships and strategic partnerships throughout his time with Steep Hill. Through developing strong relationships with growers, breeders, processors, edible producers and brokers, DeMoura’s efforts helped make Steep Hill the world leader in cannabis science and testing. Addison worked closely on Steep Hill’s expansion into multiple states, with the company now holding laboratory space in over eight states combined. While DeMoura no longer oversees the day-to-day business at Steep Hill, he still holds a claim in the company and works with Steep Hill in many projects to date.

Since 1998, DeMoura had been a compassionate provider in California as well as a former Central Valley dispensary operator. Through his experience as an activist and professional in the cannabis industry, DeMoura’s qualifications afford him the ability to continue to work closely as a consultant with patients, processors, collectives, breeders and growers, as well as municipalities dealing with cannabis legislation. With over 23 years of cannabis experience he is well known in the industry throughout the United States and the globe. Through networking and years of experience Addison has become a key component in the fast developing cannabis industry throughout the United States and abroad. His perspective on hash and hash production as a maker as well as from a scientific standpoint is unparalleled and often a source for many in the field. Over the past 2.5 years Addison worked launching products lines and brands through 11 licenses held in Lynwood California. From the product design, development and marketing concepts all the way to actual production and product launch, DeMoura has led a team to bring products through the regulated market and complaint landscape to the people. Through his Instagram account (@terphova) DeMoura captures his daily life in the cannabis and hash world with a unique perspective on the industry as a whole.