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Ariel Clark

Ariel Clark is a co-founder and principal of the leading women-owned cannabis business and regulatory law firm Clark Neubert LLP with offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Experienced and laser-focused on the most timely issues of the day, Clark Neubert LLP empowers their cannabis industry clients to start, fund, finance, and maintain successful and fully compliant businesses and maneuver successfully through all phases of the corporate life cycle, from idea to exit.

Co-founder and principal

Clark Neubert LLP

The firm works with clients that share a vision for a cannabis industry that ensures an even playing field for businesses of all sizes and individuals from all backgrounds and that promotes and fosters a positive impact on the communities it serves and the natural environment we all share. The firm maintains satellite offices in Sacramento and Santa Cruz run by a team of accomplished and experienced corporate and regulatory attorneys. CNLLP was recognized as one of the top five cannabis law firms by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2018, Ariel Clark has been named by Mg Magazine in the “30 Most Powerful Cannabis Attorneys,” by Cannabis Business Times as the “75 Most Important Women in Cannabis,” and by Rolling Stone magazine as one of “18 Women Shaping Culture Tomorrow.”