Aaron Riley

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Aaron Riley is the President of CannaSafe, the first ISO accredited cannabis lab in the world. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree & M.B.A. from Jacksonville University, where he earned his way through college on a football scholarship. A seasoned entrepreneur who runs a luxury car dealership in FL, he brought his business acumen to the cannabis […]

Nicole Howell Neubert

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Nicole Howell Neubert is one of California’s most effective and respected cannabis business and regulatory attorneys. Her experience advising hundreds of successful cannabis operators through the corporate, transactional, and regulatory dynamics of California’s complex market illustrates her dexterity across legal and strategic arenas. Nicole’s incisive, analytical approach provides her clients with the tools and confidence […]

Dr. Michele Ross

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Research Director, Decriminalize California Dr. Michele Ross has been active in psychedelic research and drug policy reform for over a decade. She holds a PhD in Neuroscience and an MBA, and has sat on the advisory board of companies in the tech, cannabis, mushrooms, and wellness industries.  Dr. Ross believes in increasing access to psilocybin […]

Dr. Stuart Silverman

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Stuart Silverman M.D. is a rheumatology physician, cannabis clinician and researcher in private practice who is a clinical Professor at both Cedars Sinai Medical Center and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He is a faculty member of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative. He has spoken on the topic of cannabis at venues […]

Come Vibe With Us at the Microscopes & Machines After Party

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We very genuinely believe that we’re at an inflection point in cannabis, and so we’ve designed the Microscopes and Machines conference to be enlightening, empowering, and filled with actionable insights. At the same time, while steering the future of the cannabis industry is serious business, it’s also a cause for celebration. It’s in that spirit […]

Cannabis Research Can Be a Battle but Dr. Jeff Chen Is Determined to Fight

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Cannabis medical research exists in a catch-22. Because cannabis is a Schedule-1 drug, anyone attempting to study it scientifically has to climb a mountain of federal regulations and restrictions to conduct even limited research. At the same time, this lack of scientific evidence is often used by regulators and legislators as one of the reasons […]

Refocus on the Doctors, Researchers, and Scientists Healing Patients Through Cannabis

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1981: San Francisco activists routinely risk arrest to care for those dying in the throes of the AIDS crisis with cannabis. 2019: Cannabis billboards dot San Francisco’s skyline as brands maneuver for position in the newly minted Green Rush.  While the current cannabis spotlight is increasingly focused on brands – an inevitable and in many […]

Meet the People & Machines Building the Future of Cannabis Manufacturing

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Seemingly every day we read headlines about a new brand, and understandably so. As cannabis mainstreams, brands are the most accessible touchpoint for consumers. But those in the industry know that the real story, what will truly determine the future of cannabis, is playing out a level deeper – in the supply chain. 

That’s precisely […]