The Complete Microscopes & Machines Speaker Line-Up

When we set out to create this conference, we believed that there were two crucial but often overlooked topics in the industry

1) The need to refocus on the healing potential of cannabis (Microscopes)

2) How to scale an industry already facing massive bottlenecks (Machines)

While vital, we came to realize that these topics are often under-represented at cannabis conferences because it’s frankly very difficult to find verified experts on these topics, and even more difficult to convince those experts to take time away from their practices.

Thankfully, many experts believed in our mission as much as we did, and the end result is a speaker line-up that we can say without exaggeration is unprecedented. Featuring some of the most highly-regarded thinkers, practitioners, and inventors in hemp and cannabis, these are the people directly shaping the industry’s landscape.

Microscopes Track:

Dr. Jeff Chen: The Founder and Executive Director of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, one of the first university programs dedicated to the study of cannabis.

Dr. Pierre Geoffroy: After 25 of global pharmaceutical experience, Dr. Geoffroy is now a leading physician who specializes in using cannabis to treat Substance Abuse Disorder.

Sheila Gibson, Esq.: Sheila Gibson brings deep IP experience to helping independent cannabis operators hold their ground as corporate interests attempt to takeover.

Dr. Pepper Hernandez: Dr. Pepper Hernandez is at the forefront of a new kind of holistic medicine that uses cannabis as a therapeutic instrument.

​Madison Margolin: An experienced cannabis journalist, Margolin is Co-Founder of the recently launched psychedelics magazine, Double Blind.

Dr. Michael Masterman-Smith: Dr. Michael Masterman-Smith is an entrepreneurial scientist, cancer biologist, pharmacologist, and healthcare expert who holds the distinction of being one of the co-discoverers of cancer stem cells.

Nicole Howell Neubert, Esq.: A co-founder of Clark & Neubert LLP, Neubert is one of California’s most effective and respected cannabis business and regulatory attorneys.

John Clayborn Poss: John Poss serves as The CEO & Chairman of GB Sciences, Inc., a cutting edge cannabis cultivation and biopharmaceutical research company.

Dr. Michele Ross: Dr. Ross holds a PhD in Neuroscience and has been active in psychedelic research and drug policy reform for over a decade. 

Dr. Stuart Silverman: A faculty member of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, Dr. Silverman is also a Professor at both Cedars Sinai Medical Center and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He has published more than 200 peer reviewed papers.

Dr. Sue Sisley: One of the few federally-regulated cannabis researchers in the world, Dr. Sue Sisley recently filed a lawsuit against the DEA.

Dr. Andrea Small-Howard: The Chief Science Officer at GB Sciences, Inc., Dr. Small-Howard is working to advance clinical research on medicinal applications of cannabinoid compounds.

Microscopes Track:

Dr. Wyeth Callaway: Now an independent consultant, Dr. Callaway was previously at Jetty Extracts, where he helped the cannabis manufacturer increase capacity 10 times

Noah Cook: Noah Cook is at the forefront of industrial cannabis applications in a regulatory environment. His work on ethanol extraction and recovery systems is now world renowned.

Boris Kogon: The Founder of BizzyBee, Boris Kogon specializes in the process of choosing a solvent and recovering that solvent at scale.

Dustin Powers: The founder of GoodLifeGang and the Future4200 Forum, Dustin has pioneered multiple breakthroughs in the industry, from the beginnings of ethanol extraction to pesticide remediation.  

Ace Shelander P.E.: The Co-Founder of Beaker & Wench, Ace has brought wiped-film evaporation and machine design to a new level of excellence.

Harrison Spence: The Co-Founder of Accurate Extraction and Head of R&D at JVI, Spence is an industry leader in large-scale production facilities renowned for developing single body dual stage condensing for wipe film Distillation.

Andy Spoone: The Co-Founder and COO of Sierra Labs, Spoone is a widely regarded leader in developing technology solutions to accelerate compliance in Healthcare and Life Science.  

Ken White: The former Chief Scientist and Director of Manufacturing at Cura (Select), White has developed many innovative products such as pure THCA and CBD Isolates as well as water soluble formulations.

There will be opportunities to ask all of our speakers questions, and a special break out Testing Panel towards the end of the day where attendees will have the opportunity to have a direct Q&A with some of the most well-known names in California Cannabis Testing Regulations. Aaron Riley of Cannasafe, Addison Demoura of Steep Hill, Josh Wurzer of SC Labs, and Swetha Kaul of Cannalysis will help demystify some of the common unknowns. Consultations with these speakers normally run in the thousands of dollars, so be sure to come prepared with your best questions!

Please visit our Schedule page for details about the panels each speaker will be on, and click here to buy tickets. We hope to see you there!