Dr. Wyeth Callaway

Dr. Wyeth Callaway entered the cannabis industry with a broad scientific background focused in organic chemistry. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. (ACS), and B.A. in French literature from Pacific Lutheran University in Washington state.

In between undergraduate and graduate school, he worked as an organic chemist doing drug development using a combinatorial organic synthesis to develop libraries of tens of thousands of compounds for biological screening

He then did his PhD work at the University of Texas at Austin working for Dr. Jon Sessler. While there, he made several contributions to the advancement of both drug discovery and material science projects, including a patent for pyruvate analogs to lessen the damage to the brain during and after a stroke. Developing treatments for disease has always been his true passion.

After graduate school he joined Frontier Scientific, where he was tasked with creating a large-scale synthesis of a drug that would treat hemochromatosis at the protein transport level. After successfully producing the required quantities for biological testing, he focused on custom synthesis contracts with large corporations and prestigious universities while developing new products for commercial sale.

A lifelong fan of cannabis and a curiosity for the plants medicinal effects led to him to Jetty Extracts, which is known for their compassionate care program called the “Shelter Project”. In March of 2017, he joined the Jetty team where he brought in-house analytics, pesticide remediation capability, increased operational efficiency, improvements in production of cannabis derived terpenes, and new product lines, (including high purity d8). Since he joined the team, Jetty’s capacity has risen 10 times, can use same day internal QC to monitor terpene quality and oil potency for deviations, and is now one of the top 5 brands in California. His current efforts are focused on studying the minor components of cannabis-derived essential oils. The current flavor industry has been unable to replicate these flavors using plant-derived terpenes, suggesting the minor compounds play an important role. He has started his own company to bring cannabis-derived essential oils to market at scale, to allow companies to produce cannabis products using the essential oils from the cultivar whose flavor and effects they seek to replicate.