Refocus on the Doctors, Researchers, and Scientists Healing Patients Through Cannabis

1981: San Francisco activists routinely risk arrest to care for those dying in the throes of the AIDS crisis with cannabis.

2019: Cannabis billboards dot San Francisco’s skyline as brands maneuver for position in the newly minted Green Rush. 

While the current cannabis spotlight is increasingly focused on brands – an inevitable and in many ways positive sign of cannabis’ normalization – we can never forget that it was medical providers who laid down the foundation for the industry to exist at all, and who remain devoted to improving the lives of patients. 

It’s fair to say that in cannabis’ rapid rise into the mainstream the medical benefits of the plant have been sidelines in the national discussion, and so understandably that dynamic plays out at many cannabis conferences. We designed Microscopes and Machines to be a counterbalance to that trend, a chance to reprioritize the latest cannabis science and bring forward some of the extraordinary people doing that work: 

Dr. Jeff Chen: The Founder and Executive Director of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative, one of the first university programs in the world dedicated to the study of cannabis, Dr. Chen is a renowned physician, researcher, entrepreneur and speaker.

Dr. Sue Sisley: The Principal Investigator for the only FDA-approved randomized controlled trial examining safety/efficacy of whole plant marijuana in combat veterans suffering from PTSD. She is also suing the DEA over marijuana cultivation application delays.

Dr. Andrea Small-Howard: The Chief Science Officer at GB Sciences, Inc., Dr. Small-Howard is helping to create a novel drug discovery engine and biopharmaceutical drug development program for disease-specific, cannabis-based therapeutics.

This is a critical time for medical cannabis. FDA hearings on CBD and possible descheduling are underway. Big Pharma is making its move. The time is now to come together and figure out how to support scientific research in a way that honors the incredible healing potential of the plant, continues to keep the benefit of patients at the forefront, and inspires a new generation of researchers and medical professionals to pick up the torch and carry it into the future.  

We hope that you’ll join us for an opportunity to hear some of the most exciting new research happening. By uniting these two sides of cannabis – the microscopes and the machines – along with all of you, we truly believe that we can help build a cannabis industry that truly values people over profits.

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