Microscopes & Machines

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Microscopes & Machines features an inspiring lineup of speakers and panelists covering topics ranging from medical care to the latest hemp and cannabis technology innovations. In addition, enjoy delicious meals, opportunities to network with industry experts and like-minded people, and chill out at the Vibratorium afterparty.

All activities will take place at the Valentine + Grass Room in downtown Los Angeles. An overview of the day’s activities is below with more details being added frequently.

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“Medical Cannabis at the Bedside – Patient Experience in Long-Term Care”

Dr. Geoffroy will present his experience using medicinal cannabis with elders and review how cannabis is offered, ordered, obtained, dosed and monitored. Efficacy and side-effects will be reviewed and compared to experiences described in literature. Limitations using this product will be presented, as well as recommendations for medicinal cannabis use in the future.


“Open Source
Saves The Industry”

How open source technology research may save the industry from itself, and big corporations. Last year, multi-national companies filed thousands of patents covering everything from specific cannabis strains, to technology, to using cannabinoids as pharmaceuticals. These companies are trying to legally squeeze out everyone else in the industry by bracketing IP. The only way to make this an industry for everyone is to make strains, technology and cannabinoids open source.

11:15 AM


“The Challenge and Promise of Cannabis-Based PTSD Research”

Since 1968 the National Institute on Drug Abuse has maintained a monopoly on the production and distribution of cannabis for research. This monopoly has prevented U.S. based clinical research from accessing quality flower and diverse phenotypes for human testing. Dr Sisley will discuss the challenges of both obtaining federal approval for such research and then carrying out a FDA-approved randomized controlled trial examining the safety and efficacy of cannabis for treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in military veterans.


“Moving On Up”

How Jetty Extracts moved from 1kg of biomass a day to pushing enough biomass to feed a multistate operation. Facing down bottlenecks and innovating new solutions was at the forefront. Creating a path towards scale is built on research and development.

12:00 PM


Organic Lunch

1:00 PM


“What’s in a Strain: Your Cannabis Fingerprint”

There is no scientific definition of a plant “strain” because plants don’t have strains–only bacteria and fungi have strains, yet states use strain names to track cannabis from seed-to-sale. A conversation between two doctors about the helpful chemical compounds that define different cannabis varieties, which are scientifically called chemical variants or “chemovars”.


“Get Compliant or Else”

You may have time to get yourself regulated by your state but there are other forces that have expedited that timeline. To remain competitive your company needs to scale its operations to deliver products that comply with FDA standards which include GMP and ISO certifications. Federal legalization is coming, don’t get left behind because you put compliance last.
2:00 PM


“Game of Cannabinoids:
Who Will Win the Production War?”

As the world awakens to the value of cannabinoids, there is a war on the horizon pitting cannabinoid producers against each other. Which production process will win this war? Cannabis? Hemp? Chemical Synthesis? Biosynthesis using cells? Cell-free biosynthesis? Clearly there are many factors at play in the Game of Cannabinoids. How will cost and scale compare? How will regulations take shape? And how will the yet-to-be-scientifically-proven entourage effect impact the outcome?


“Yo, Are You Efficient?”

If we are truly in a race to the bottom one of the most important ways to keep your manufacturing facility competitive is to constantly increase efficiencies. One of the costliest choke points in the industry today is choosing a solvent, and recovering that solvent at scale. Boris Kogon, founder of BizzyBee has worked through these problems for more than a decade, and he sheds some light on where the industry is heading.

3:00 PM


“Democratizing Medicine”

How is cannabis a disrupter to the pharmaceutical industry and also a democratizing factor in getting medicine into the hands of patients? This panel will discuss the current state of medicine, healthcare, and scientific research, and what we can do to “democratize medicine.” This panel will also discuss opportunities cannabis companies have to establish their own IP, while mega-corporations and big-pharma are held at bay by current federal laws.


“Scaling an Industry”

How do you a scale an industry focused on cottage level extraction, batch processing, and lab scale machinery. This group has more experience in providing answers to that question than everyone else in the world combined. They have built plant-scaled operations across the U.S. and now are focused on growing their presence globally. World renown, yet largely staying in the shade, these tech heads deliver results.
4:00 PM

"Microscopes & Machines - Bridging the Divide"


How the cannabis industry can up its game on providing standardization, effective delivery methods, and research-driven formulations to help patients and consumers through cutting-edge and scalable manufacturing technology. This panel will include experts from both the “microscopes” and “machines” tracks to discuss the intersection of medical research and manufacturing and explore what is possible when both groups work together.

4:20 PM

Testing Round Table

Are California Cannabis Testing Regulations causing issues for you and your operation? Come join us at Microscopes & Machines for our Testing Panel where some of the most well-known names in California cannabis testing help demystify some of the common unknowns. We’ll have Antonio Frazier, Addison Demoura of Steep Hill, Josh Wurzer of SC Labs, and Swetha Kaul of Cannalysis.

5:00 PM

Psilocybin (🍄) - Journey Through Research, Mycology and Policy Reform” + CBD Mocktail Hour

Enjoy CBD mocktails with a panel discussion on developments in the science and policy of psilocybin.

Curious and Curiouser!  A high level, high spirited conversation designed to whet your appetite for learning more about advances in scientific research, paradigm shifts, mysticism, therapeutics, decriminalization and joy through psilocybin and other psychedelic therapies.  

During the refreshments hour, Nicole Howell Neubert, psychonaut and co-founder of the women-owned cannabis law firm Clark Neubert LLP, will facilitate a conversation between Madison Margolin, noted journalist and publisher of DoubleBlind, a journal dedicated to covering timely, untold stories about the expansion of psychedelics around the globe, Dr. Michele Ross (PhD, MBA), an accomplished neuroscientist and research director for Decriminalize California, who is successfully working with patients and cutting edge plant medicine therapies, and Will Goss, a devoted mycology researcher, innovator, forager and current Mycology Director for Decriminalize California.  We’ll touch on some fascinating discoveries and developments of the day.  Come thirsty for delight, leave hungry for more.

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